Stealth in FPS Games

I have been playing through the campaign of Battlefield 1 on my way to a review, and currently find myself deep within a horrid stealth mission. As my frustration rose throughout playing this seemingly never ending mission, I began to question why any sane developer would include this in their game, or really why anyone would include stealth in a shooter such as Battlefield 1. Whenever a game makes you question your life choice of playing video games, something is wrong.

The easy answer is that developers provide sections like this to provide a change of pace to the campaign, but look we didn’t buy Battlefield 1 to sneak around camp sites looking for spark plugs. We bought this game to experience the all our war of the first World War. Does this particular mission provide the all out war experience? No.

Missions like this begin to feel obligatory in FPS campaigns. However campaigns in general are beginning to feel obligatory in FPS games like Battlefield 1, but more on that when I release the review.

As consumers we would like to make a request to developers: when we buy a shooter we want epic action and explosions, we do not want sneaking missions. Thank you.


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